Airtel 4.6gb for n200

GET Airtel 4.5GB for N200 and Airtel 4.6GB With N200

Have you heard of this plan before? That Airtel is giving out 4.5GB for N200 and 4.6GB for just N200 too?

Here are a simple guide and procedures on how to activate Airtel 4.5GB with N200 and Airtel 4.6GB with N200.

Airtel cheap data is coming through with more awesome bundles like never before. This new internet plan gives you the ability to surf the internet for over a week, but it is not available for all SIM card. If you are eligible and qualified for this package, you will receive a confirmation message.

Let’s go with the business of the day. So today, you can now learn how to activate Airtel 4.5GB for N200, using this guide.

How to Activate Airtel 4.6GB for N200

Main Requirements:
• Airtel SIM.
• Airtel N200 airtime (Don’t recharge it yet)

Let’s Start the Activation

• To get started, simply dial *314# and migrate to Airtel Smart Value.

• In your text message, text “GET to 141”

• After a few minutes or maximum, an hour, recharge N200 by dialing *143*pin#

4. Within few seconds, you will receive the confirmation message that you’ve been given 250MB

5. To confirm, check your Airtel 4.6GB data balance by dialing *223# or *140#.

Important Note: Please if this does not work on your sim card, you should interchange your SIM card placement. For example, if the Airtel SIM is on SIM 1, then change it to SIM 2 OR it was on SIM 2, then change it to SIM 1.

Better still, you can try it out on another smartphone.

How to activate Airtel 4.2GB for N200

– Your Airtel SIM
– Airtel N200 airtime (please don’t recharge it yet)

Guide for Activation

1. Simply start by dialing *312#, reply with 1 to migrate to Airtel Trybe.

2. Within a second, you will get the Airtel Trybe successful migrate message

3. Now text “GET to 141” in your message box.

4. If you receive the below message:

“Dear Customer, Congratulations! You can enjoy 100% DATA BONUS ANYTIME EVERYDAY FOR THE NEXT 3 MONTHS when you buy data bundle of N500 and above.”

5. Here is where you can recharge your sim card by dialing *143*pin# to recharge N200.

6. Dial *223# or *140# and you will be given 4.5GB immediately.

But if you did not receive the above double data congratulation message, your sim card is not eligible for this bonus. Sorry about this.

Validity Period

Please take note that the Validity period is 30days for both of these plans.

Accumulating this Bundle, Possible?

I know some of you may be thinking about accumulating this package. Well, Good news! You can possibly accumulate up to 23GB for N1000 or N46GB with N2,000 airtime.

With this plan, it becomes easier to start watching movies, download any movies of your choice on any device, Smartphones: Android, iPads, iPhones etc!

Have you heard of the Airtel RechargePlus? If no, then try out the 1GB data plan with Airtel RechargePlus

This plan is still working in 2019!

AIRTEL 10GB for N500

Airtel smartCONNECT 5.0 Data Plans for 2019

This is the one of the best airtel data plans you’ve ever come across. With the Airtel smartConnect 5.0 package, you’ll get 100% bonus on every data plan you buy.

Awesome right? with this smartCONNECT package, you can browse cheaply on airtel. But you should know there is are conditions attached to it.

Airtel smartCONNECT is Airtel’s default bonus plan,which is available for all prepaid customers on the smartphone network, giving all customers, 100% instant bonus on every data bundle plus 8 times bonus on every recharge.

Airtel smartCONNECT

Rules and Terms of Service

(a) You are required to buy a new Airtel SIM Card, and it must be a 4G simcard.
(b) Register the SIM at any Airtel KYC registration point.
(c) Insert the SIM card in your smartphone.
(d) Recharge to start enjoying smartCONNECT bonuses.

How Long will the Bonus Last?

Take note that Airtel gives you a complete 100% BONUS ON EVERY DATA BUNDLE you subscribed to.

Also important, is that you will be given 100% bonus for 90 days (3 months) on all purchases of data bundles below N5,000.

Data Bundle (Naira)

Old Value

New Value





1 Day




1 Day




3 Days




7 Days




14 Days




30 Days


3.5GB (2.5GB Day + 1GB Night)

6GB (5GB Day + 1GB Night)

30 Days




30 Days


5.5GB (4.5GB Day + 1GB Night)

10GB (9GB Day + 1GB Night)

30 Days


6.5GB (5.5GB Day + 1GB Night)

12GB (11GB Day + 1GB Night)

30 Days


9.5GB (7.5GB Day + 2GB Night)

17GB (15GB Day + 2 GB Night)

30 Days

Bonus on Recharge

When you get a new Airtel 4G simcard, you will be given 8X bonus on every recharge you make.

Terms and Conditions

Bonus is valid for 7 days; Main Account Credit DOES NOT EXPIRE







N 1,000

Main Account credit



N 300

N 500

N 1,000

Bonus Credit – Voice






Bonus Credit – Data






Bonus Credit – Family & Friends






Bonus Credit – Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook & BBM






Total Credit

N 800

N 1,600

N 2,400

N 4,000

N 8,000

Airtel 4.6gb for n200

Airtel 3GB for N500 & 1GB for N200 – Airtel 2G Data Plan

Have you heard of the Airtel 2G data plan. For those who are not aware, there is a new package in town, and that is the Airtel 3GB for N500, and 1GB for N200. This is the New Airtel 2G Data Plans for you.

Airtel Nigeria are planning on bringing a much better competition than GLO Nigeria. Airtel shook the internet with it latest Data Bundles by introducing more amazing but cheap data plan and their activation codes. This is Airtel 2G Plan.

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The Airtel latest New Data Bundles is currently offering 3GB For N500 and 1GB For N200. This gives you unlimited access to surf the internet.

Airtel 3GB and 1GB Plan

This latest plan from Airtel Nigeria works only on 2G network. However, if your smartphonee is using 5G, 4G, 3G network, all you have to do is to manually goto your (using my tecno c8 direction) Settings >> …More >> Mobile networks >> Preferred network type and then select 2G network. See settings as shown in image below.

airtel 3G for 500
Airtel 2G plan

Important Note

Please take note that before activating this plan, you need to use the new Airtel sim , or any Airtel Sim that you do not have any existing data bundle plan on.

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The reason why you must activate this plan on a simcard without any existing Data plan, is because once you activate this plan on any simcard with existing Data, it will automatically deactivate any existing data plan.

Features of Airtel 2G Plans

Finally, I would love to infrm you, that this Airtel Internet Package Plan works on all devices, you do not need any tweaking, it’s absolutely working.

The plan currently works both day and night.

Below is the activation codes, validity periods.

How to Subscribe Airtel 3GB for N500

You can activate Airtel 3GB for N500 by dialing *482#. When it opens, choose the 3GB plan, or dial *482*2# that is all. And note that, the validity period forthe Airtel 3GB for N500 is only 25 days!

I don’t need to tell you that this plan is actually cheap and very affordable.

How to Subscribe Airtel 1G for N200

To subscribe and activate the Airtel 1G for N200 plan, simply dial *482# on your device, then select the 2GB plan, or dial *482*1# to directly activate this plan.

The validity period for the 1GB plan is just 2 weeks (14 days). Remember it works on device and it can be used both day and night.

My Candid Advice

As someone who had used this plan, I’ll advise you to use a new sim card for this plan.. Mainly because if you dare subscribe to this new Airtel 2G plans, it will automatically deactivate any existing plan.

How to Opt-out of Airtel 2G Data Plan

Would you want to unsubscribe from the Airtel 2G Data Plan? then follow this guide below.

Dial *482*4# and you will receive invalid request message, Don’t worry, >> Reply with * then reply with 3. You will now receive something like this “You have cancelled your 2g data subscription”.

AIRTEL 10GB for N500

Port your Sim to Airtel Nigeria and Enjoy 10GB for N500

Airtel Nigeria is simply the best Data plan providers in Nigeria, with cheap internet packages, amazing and fast 4G networks, what else do we need?

This is one of the best freebies for Nigerians who are currently searching for free Airtel Data packages and bundles. Do you have one sim card that isn’t Airtel and you are not using it? Then, you can use this trick and get free GB now.

Airtel 3GB for ₦150 – Cheapest Airtel Data Plan

To enjoy this freebie from Airtel Nigeria, all that is required of you is simply to port your SIM Card from one Network to Airtel, for example, using a Glo Registered sim, and port it to Airtel.

AIRTEL 10GB for N500

The best news? Porting your sim card from one Network to another is totally free. However, for those who are not aware or sure how this “Porting” thing actually works, here’s a detailed guide.

When you are porting your number from One network to another, it’s changing your sim card from the previous network, to Airtel. But your already used number remains intact, the only difference is that after successfully porting your phone, you’ll be loading Airtel recharge cards, and using Airtel tariff plans and services.

How to Port to Airtel

Here is a step by step procedure and guideline on how to Port from any registered network to Airtel.

1. To port, you need a valid ID card (a student ID card, Voter’s card, etc will do). With any of these cards, please visit any Airtel store around you, tell them you want to port and fill the form which will be given to you.

Let’s say you want to port from MTN Nigeria to Airtel, here’s how it works.

2. After your application form is being processed, you’ll get an SMS on your MTN line telling you to reboot and input the Airtel SIM you ported onto.

3. finally, you will be asked to reboot your phone (turn it off and on) and you’ll be welcomed to Airtel NG network.

Now, to the main business of the day, which is, how to get 10GB for N500 on Airtel.


All you have to do is to recharge your Airtel ported sim via Online Banking, TopUp Africa or use your Zoto Mobile Recharge or use any other Online recharging app. Just don’t buy a recharge card and load it physically.

One thing here is that, the more you recharge N100, the more the data it accumulates.

While N100 gives you 2GB, N200 get you 4GB data bonus, while recharging N500 gets you 10GB. Each of the data has 30 days validity period. The best news is that the Money you recharged will still be in your sim card.

How To Subscribe for Airtel 1.5GB for N50 Data Plan – 500MB for N25

For those who are not aware, Airtel Nigeria has officially introduces the airtel 1.5GB for N50 Data Plan, and this plan is too awesome for all customers of this telecommunication giant, not to give it a try.

Airtel Nigeria has introduced a new set of Night plans, that beats all other networks midnight internet bundles. With the provision of:

Airtel 1.5gb Plan For N50,
Airtel 500MB for N25,

We’re excited to know that there is absolutely no shortage of data, and you’ll be able to fully use your allocated data bundles without any worry.

We have just confirmed it, that Airtel Ng, has introduced a new set of data plans, which is mainly created for those who surf the web especially to download videos, stream videos online or Music, etc. From all indication, this awesome plan from this network is for all Heavy users (downloaders)

How To Subscribe for Airtel 1.5GB for N50 Data Plan - 500MB for N25

Airtel 500MB Plan Code

You can subscribe for the 500MB, which costs only N25 by dialing *312#
it is very important to inform all customers, that each plan starts from 12am and ends 5am.

Airtel 1.5gb Plan Code

For all those, who are eager to subscribe for this huge but cheap plan, the code is *312#
Please take note that the 1.5gb plan lasts from 12am to 5am.

Features of Airtel Midnight Plan

You need to use your allocated data bundle within this period of time (12am to 5am) each day, because once it is 5:01am, your allocated data expires.

It’s just a limited hour plan, which starts from 12:00am and ends 5:00am.

You must have the equivalent of the amount, before you’ll be successfully subscribed.

Before your subscription is successful, all subscribers are required to be on Airtel Trybe Tariff plan to be eligible for the plan.

All subscribers should be aware, that the unlimited night browsing plan has been modified from an hourly plan to a limited data plan. The plan has a bigger provided bundle, as it offers an impressive 1.5GB for N50 and 500MB for N25.

All those who wants to subscribe, can dial *312# to subscribe and choose their choice plan.

airtel loan - borrow airtime from Airtel

Airtel Loan Number – How to Borrow Airtime from Airtel Nigeria

Yes, it is now official. You can now borrow Airtel Airtime when you are out of cash with the newly introduced and updated “Airtel Talk Time Advance”. You can get Airtel Loan for a quick research.

Airtel Talk Time Advance

What is Airtel Talk Time Advance? This is a newly introduced service which gives all registered customers, the ability to request for airtime (credit) in advance without using physical recharge cards to top up their airtime balance.

airtel loan - borrow airtime from Airtel

How You Can Be Qualified To Borrow Airtel Airtime

Airtel Nigeria management has made it hard for users to easily borrow airtime from the network, there are rules and regulation that you must meet, before you’ll be eligible.

Customers can borrow airtime based on the following factors which are listed below:

• Before you’re eligible, you must be an active subscriber, your Airtel Line must be at least be 3 month old (90 days).
• You must Recharge your Airtel Line often at least once or twice in a week before you’ll be eligible.
• Your Line must be registered and actively used.

Advance Airtime Amount Minimum Age (network) Minimum Monthly Recharge Minimum Weighted Monthly Usage for the Subscriber (Naira)
N50  3Months  5  250
N100  4 Months  5  250
N200  6 Months  5  1000
N500  6 Months  5  2500

Minimum monthly recharge: This is used to refer to the number of airtime reloads in a month.
Minimum weighted monthly usage: This refers to the total value in denominations for a user per given period. This means the maximum amount of money you can loan from Airtel per month.

How You Can Borrow Airtime from Airtel – Airtel Loan

If after going through the above requirements and your simcard is eligible, all you need to do, is to initiate a request by dialing *500# on your line (MSISDN).

After dialing the above number, you will be given options from which to choose the desired value of airtime which can be used for voice calls (on-net and off-net), SMS and Data.

Below are the list of Airtel amount you can borrow from Airtel Nigeria.

• N50
• N100
• N200
• N500

Airtel Loan Number:

Here is how you can initiate a transaction for any amount. You can simply Dial

• *500*50# for N50 airtime
• *500*100# for N100 airtime
• *500*200# for N200 airtime
• *500*500# for N500 airtime


The only disadvantage of the Airtel talk time advance service, is that you will get to pay a 10% service fee on every transaction. Once you received the Airtel borrowed airtime, you must pay. You’ll be charged immediately on your next recharge.

But i don’t count this as disadvantage, it’s business, and in every business, there must be a profit.

Final Conclusion

Conclusively, this is one of the best service provided by Airtel. This service is provided for customers who find themselves at locations where getting Recharge cards becomes almost impossible, or who wants to make important calls, but don’t have airtime.

With this service provided by Airtel Loan, you can are saved from painful experiences and situations of wanting to make important calls, but you’re without Airtime or Money.