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How to Get Your 1GB data plan with Airtel RechargePlus

Have you heard of Airtel RechargePlus or Airtel Recharge+? It’s a newly introduced plan for Airtel users.

Airtel Nigeria just recently announced a new plan called Airtel RechargePlus, which gives customers amazing data offer, after their normal weekly recharge, and for those who are not aware, Airtel network is one the best in Nigeria.

For those who are not aware, MTN, 9mobile, Glo was the first to introduce cheaper and affordable data plan in Nigeria, but among the networks, Glo Nigeria is favoring only fewer people in the industry. The truth is that Glo network is for users in few states, highest is 3 states in Nigeria. But Airtel covers almost the 36 states of Nigeria.

Airtel RechargePlus is definitely the best choice for light-users / subscribers in the network. The RechargePlus is for people who browse the internet on low data. Take note that this package is not for heavy data users. Finally, take note that the 1GB data works in a special method.

airtel rechargeplus

What is Airtel RechargePlus?

Airtel RechargePlus is a cheap Airtel plan which gives subscribers 250MB when they recharge their SIM on a weekly basis. With this new Airtel data Awuuf, you can possibly enjoy frequent surfing of the internet and downloading of smaller optimized apps on your smartphone.

One of the major features of this tariff plan is that it works on all SIM-enabled device, mobile phones of any kind: Android Smartphones, iPhones, feature phone, and also work on unlocked modem too.

How does the Airtel RechargePlus works?

The Airtel RechargePlus works for all Airtel SIM-card, both newly registered sim cards, 4G and old sims. There is no exception for this network users. Take note that Airtel did not specify that the data offer will work for any particular SIM.

Another important fact which I won’t forget to point out is that Airtel won’t provide you with the 250MB data bonus on any regular recharge, but there is a set amount you have to recharge to unlock this bonus.

Take note that when you migrate to the RechargePlus plan, on the first week recharge, you should recharge N100, but next week recharge won’t be the same. It should be either 110 or above. Airtel will ask for another higher or lower amount, it goes on and so forth through that month, and this will determine your data bonus.

How to get 1GB on Airtel RechargePlus

However, for you to get started on receiving the 1GB data on Airtel Rechargeplus, simply recharge your SIM and dial *479#, which will unlock the 250MB every week and will give you 1GB a month. Airtel Nigeria is still yet to provide more information on this data offer.

Their Instagram page says and I quote below;

“#ReallyFreeData with Airtel RechargePlus. Simply do your usual recharge every week and get rewarded with FREE 250MB. Dial *479# to know more.”

So many questions are left unanswered, questions like; how to check Airtel RechargePlus data balance, what to do when you dial the code, *479# and you get this response “Application Down”, and many more questions are on their Instagram. Which is quite frustrating!

But we will update this page when Airtel Nigeria officially response and release the complete details.

AIRTEL 10GB for N500

How to Get Airtel 23GB Data for N1,000

This package works well for me, in November 2018, and seriously, I have been enjoying it. The first step you need to take is to ensure whether your sim card is eligible for it.

This is one of the cheapest Airtel data bundles you will ever come across. Take note that this data bundle works perfectly fine on your Android, iOS, and PC. For those of you who reads, (thank you very much), you will discover some wonderful articles and bundles on the Airtel network shared here.

Recently, I shared a new working method on how to get 1GB free data on Airtel and quite frankly, it’s really enjoyable. However, in this post, I will be sharing with you, how to get Airtel 23GB for N1,000 only.

But you need to know that there are limitations to enjoying this package. There is no code on how to get the 23GB worth of data for N1000, you need to get the Airtel 4.6GB for N200 five times, and voila, you’ll be credited with 23gb for N1,000 on Airtel.

How to Activate Airtel 23GB Data for N1000

Like I earlier explained, you need to know how to activate the Airtel 4.6GB for N200, and then you can easily get the 23gb. Here’s how to GET AIRTEL 4.6GB FOR N200

Since 200 naira gives you 4.6GB, all you need to do is to continue recharging N200 (five times) with the code *143*airtime pin# and you’ll get 23GB data.

Please do take note that this bundle is ONLY valid for 1 month, and you can dial *223# to check your balance.

Hope this works for you? If you’re encountering any problem while trying to activate the airtel 23GB for N1,000, please don’t forget to use the comment box below, and share the problem.

We promise to help you resolve it as fast as possible.

airtel 4.6gb for 200

How To Activate Airtel 4.6 GB For 200 Naira

Most people don’t know that Airtel has a lot of cheap data bundles for their users. Sadly, what you don’t know, you simply can implement or use. Here on, I want to share with you, how to activate Airtel 4.6gb for just 200 Naira only.

Airtel is one of the cheapest Data plans provider among Nigeria telecommunication services, but their users may not be aware of this. Hope you are not expecting them to add this airtel 4.6gb for 200 in their smartCONNECT plan?

This Airtel data plan gives you unlimited access to enjoy these packages on your Android, iOS and PC/Laptops.

Remember earlier, I shared with you how to get 1GB free data on Airtel and in this post, you’ll learn how to activate 4.6GB worth of data for just N200. I will also be showing you, how best to get 23GB data for just N1,000 only.

airtel 4.6gb for 200

For you to successfully activate this bundle on your simcard, do follow the guidelines provided below.

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How to Activate Airtel 4.5gb Data for N200

Before anything else, I would love to clarify here, that this data package does select sim. However, there is a way for you to check if your simcard is eligible for the 4.5gb for 200 Naira data. If you get a reply saying: “Dear Customer, congratulations! You can now enjoy 100% DATA BONUS” It means you’re eligible!

The next step now is to buy ₦200 Airtel credit, but not from your bank. You need to buy the physical 200 recharge pin. Then load the card by dialing *143*airtime pin#. Viola!

The 4.6GB data will instantly be credited in your account.

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AIRTEL 10GB for N500

How to Get Airtel 1GB Free Data (Working)

Airtel keeps pumping out bundles for her users, and this time around, are giving out Airtel 1gb data for free.

Airtel do have amazing offers for their users, and this time around, they’re giving out FREE 1GB data to subscribers.

The truth is that they’re not sending the data to everyone, but you need to dial some codes, and you’ll receive your own. The truth is that all Airtel SIMs are eligible and qualified for the 1GB free data on Airtel, and there is absolutely no need to migrate to a special tariff plan to get the data. Here is how I got my 1GB free data on Airtel.

how to get 1GB free data on Airtel

How to Get Airtel 1GB Data Free

There is no stress attached to this at all. All you need to do is go get your Airtel SIMcard from where you do keep it, and insert it into your smartphone. Then dial *475# twice. That’s all. You will receive a notification about the free data.

How to Get 1GB Free Data on Airtel

When you first dial the code, you will receive a notification message from Airtel, informing you that the code is for activating a weekend plan.

You need to dial this code twice. Dial it again, and this time, you will be notified that the data has been activated. And yes, the data is really a weekend data that offers 1GB data, which is usable from 12 A.M on Saturday to 11:59 PM on Sunday.


Airtel is currently giving out free 1GB data bundle to all her customers, and the validity period is 30 days (1 month). All you have to do is dial *479# and you will be credited with free data.

Airtel has not yet advertised this free data they are giving their customers, so I’ll advise you to use this awoof package and get the data before they’ll stop.